Injection Well Testing

Need an engineer to perform well testing and evaluation services for your downhole operations? Located in Round Rock, TX, Terra Dynamics Incorporated possesses a diverse and unique range of experience associated with the testing, data interpretation and forensic analyses of injection well operation throughout the country. Our services range from Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, as well as Mississippi We perform well testing and evaluation following proven methodologies that combine safety, cost-effectiveness and timely regulatory compliance. With our integrated project management system and experienced team of deep well specialists, we’re able to provide superior service and thorough well and mechanical integrity evaluation.

When it comes to well testing and evaluations, we provide the essential services you need to confirm the integrity of your drilling operations. This includes reservoir testing, mechanical integrity tests, test certification and log evaluations.

Reservoir Test (Pressure Transient Test) Analysis

We provide customers with dynamic reservoir test data and analysis through pressure transient testing. These tests are performed at various stages to determine reservoir parameter and to assess reservoir quality and efficiency. In most instances, reservoir pressure test analysis are a necessary part of regulatory compliance.

Mechanical Integrity Testing

Our team of professionals has a wealth of experience in performing (supervision) and evaluating mechanical integrity testing activities. Turn to us for the design and implementation of your mechanical integrity testing requirements put in place to meet regulatory requirements associated with your state or federal-issued permits.

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If you need well testing and evaluation to satisfy routine testing requirements or to satisfy regulatory (State and/or Federal) requirements, turn to the professionals at Terra Dynamics Incorporated at our office located in Round Rock, TX. We will put our experience and expertise to work for you, to ensure you’re getting a superior standard of service from our knowledgeable professionals. Reach us today at 512-795-8183 for more information.