Reservoir Modeling

Terra Dynamics Incorporated has strong diverse experience in the area of reservoir analysis and modeling services, specifically those reservoir model designs, approaches, and analyses prepared in support of regulatory requirements.

We provide analysis and modeling for reservoirs (analytical and numerical modeling) and well point throughout many states. Our services range across the country from Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, and even Mississippi.

Reservoir Analysis

Once any particular disposal well has been placed in service, routine reservoir analysis is usually performed to meet regulatory requirements and/or to aide in maximizing operational efficiency. Our team analyzes reservoir test data to gain a deeper understanding of the reservoir in question. After gathering the subject reservoir test data, our experienced team of professionals analyze the data and determine the current efficiency of the reservoir. Let us provide you with a complete profile of information that establishes stronger insight into the opportunities available. Reservoir analysis and characterization allows us to help you qualify the suitability, efficiency and longevity of the selected subsurface disposal horizon.

Reservoir Modeling

With broad reservoir data in-hand from field reports, well logs, seismic surveys, reservoir tests and analyses and injection history, we use sophisticated software to provide you with two and/or three-dimensional representation of the reservoir. In most instances, the goal of reservoir modeling is to determine waste plume position and reservoir pressurization. This includes petrophysical, geological and geophysical properties. Through robust reservoir modeling, we strive to provide our customers with the insights they need for informed well placement, and injection efficiency.

We Provide the Model for Efficiency

The efficiency and efficacy of your downhole operations depends on the accuracy of reservoir modeling. At Terra Dynamics Incorporated., we stress the importance of completeness when it comes to compiling subsurface data, analyzing and characterizing reservoirs, and well modeling. Contact us today at our office in Round Rock, TX at 512-795-8183 for more information about our capabilities and how we can help you take a targeted
approach to drilling and well production anywhere in the country.