Well Design, Troubleshooting and Operations

Terra Dynamics Incorporated offers a broad range of well design, well troubleshooting and operational engineering services. Whether you’ve experienced a failure and need a postmortem to understand the cause or you require project management services that tie into broader operational support, we’re standing by to deliver value.

Our customers trust us to deliver unbiased, data-driven insights that become the foundation for improvements to all facets of well operations. From simple advisement to complex solutions engineering, we’re the firm to turn to for your injection well design, troubleshooting and operation.

Well Design

Our engineers process complex well geometries to provide designs that meet the standards and specifications of your operations. This includes recommendations for hardware and materials of construction that are the best suited for your operational needs. Our well designs promote optimal material recovery, superior reliability and efficient servicing.

  • Well Design, Installation and Operational Support
  • Drilling, Completion and Repair Services

Well Troubleshooting

Not getting the efficiency metrics you want to see from your well? Running into consistent problems downhole that cause unexpected downtime? Our broad experience with injection wells makes us the authority on troubleshooting and problem resolution. Let us help you get to the bottom of persistent problems or acute failures, so they don’t happen again.

  • Well Failure Analyses and Evaluation
  • Clean-Out, Treatment and Stimulation Design

Operations Consulting

Streamlined operations make for a more efficient worksite—one that’s predictable, procedural and compliant. Let our team advise you on operational efficiency opportunities, to ensure long-term reliability and resilience from your well and worksite.

  • Operations Management
  • Field Supervision

Broadly Improve Well Operations

Whether you’ve experienced setbacks or aren’t meeting the production expectations of your well, Terra Dynamics Incorporated will assist you in design, troubleshooting and consulting. Let us provide you with the insights you need to optimize your operations, to increase the efficiency, efficacy and reliability.
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