Geologic and Reservoir Evaluation

Evaluating a site for potential drilling operations? When the time comes for geological evaluations, turn to the team at Terra Dynamics Incorporated to assist you. We provide a complete array of reservoir evaluation services, to determine the spatial distribution characteristics of injection reservoirs (Injection Zone and/or Injection Interval), and confining layers (Confining Zone) both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Our evaluation services help you simulate the potential efficiency and longevity of an injection well, so you can make more informed choices about your waste disposal needs. Located in Round Rock, TX, we offer a full range of geological evaluation to our customers from Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, as well as Mississippi.

Reservoir Analysis

We identify potential disposal horizons within the reservoir to qualify its porosity, permeability, and stratal thickness. This will provide you with a complete profile of information that establishes stronger insight into the long term disposal capacity and efficiency associated with the selected horizon.

Formation Evaluation

Let us provide you with specific data regarding the lithology, porosity, permeability, and fluid saturation of the formation identified as your Injection Interval. In doing so, we can also qualify the disposal capabilities of the reservoir you’re tapping into.

Reservoir Modeling

With broad reservoir data in-hand from field reports, well logs, seismic surveys, and production history, we use sophisticated software to provide you with a three-dimensional representation of the reservoir. This includes petrophysical, geological and geophysical properties.

Geologic Interpretation

Our capabilities include geological evaluations that qualify subsurface formations and composition across various strata. We provide clients with a clear look at what’s happening under their feet, so they can orchestrate efficient drilling and extraction.

Subsurface Mapping

Subsurface mapping and modeling allow us to provide you with an accurate depiction of subsurface features and formations, as well as the quantifiable information you need to capitalize on more efficient well placement and disposal well construction expense.

Feasibility Studies

We take a top-down approach to feasibility studies by looking at critical variables involved, including technical, legal and logistical challenges. Trust us to provide you with the information you need to move forward confidently.

Contact Us

To learn more about our geologic reservoir evaluation capabilities as they pertain to efficient and reliable construction and operation of your disposal well, please contact Terra Dynamics Incorporated today at 512-795-8183. We’re ready to discuss your project and provide the essential insights needed to construct and operate with confidence.