Oil and Gas Services

Located in Round Rock, TX, Terra Dynamics Incorporated staff possesses a broad range of experience in oil and gas consulting throughout the entire country. Our primary focus and experience is associated with Class II injection well design, permitting and installation. This experience includes drill rig and completion rig supervision, regulatory support, property audits and permit application preparation.

Our thoroughness, experience and attention to detail is why oil and gas companies throughout the state trust us when they need a third-party expert to assess their Class II well operations. We offer consulting that’s completely customized to meet the standards, expectations and challenges of your specific operations throughout the country. From Texas, to Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, and even Mississippi.

Consulting Capabilities

With broad experience in the oil and gas industry, we’re the authority on operations consulting to ensure the viability, efficiency and reliability of your Class II injection well operations. This includes well design and prep, drilling and completion plans, remediation consulting services, feasibility studies and more. As you get ready to deploy a well, make sure we’re on your side to ensure the most efficient deployment possible.

  • Feasibility Studies and Well Siting Evaluations
  • Well Design
  • Drilling and Completion Plans
  • Forensic Remediation Investigations
  • Remediation Workover Plan

Regulatory Compliance

Our team has experience in regulatory affairs pertaining to Class II injection wells, with extensive knowledge of State and Federal regulations. State Permit Applications are prepared by our geologists and engineers, incorporating all requirements necessary under Class II UIC regulations.

We understand the stringent factors that go into achieving and maintaining environmental compliance.

Need Oil and Gas Consulting Services?

Terra Dynamics Incorporated is committed to providing professional services in whatever capacity you require them, to address the unique and specific needs of your oil or gas well. Reach us at our office in Round Rock, TX at 512-795-8183 for more information about our capabilities.