Permitting Assistance

State and federal regulations regarding the permitting, operation and testing of injection wells can be difficult to decipher and understand. It’s important to have a consulting partner to help navigate regulatory affairs expediently and with emphasis on thoroughness and accuracy. At Terra Dynamics Incorporated, we’re committed to helping you understand regulatory requirements—whether you’re drilling near our offices in Round Rock, TX, throughout Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi or even a different area in the United States that has differing and unique compliance standards.

Our scope of focus includes everything from permitting and registration to assessment, compliance, negotiations and expert witness testimony. Whether you need to prepare and submit data from compliance audits or go through the permitting process, we’re standing by to help you.


We’re your consultant for application preparation for injection well permitting, regardless of well type. Our primary expertise is associated with the operation of Class I (hazardous and non-hazardous) injection wells, but we have provided support for Class II, Class III and Class VI permit applications. This includes permitting assistance at both the State and Federal level.

Assessment, Compliance and Negotiation

We’re available to provide assessment, compliance and negotiation services on behalf of our customers who require them in a formal or legal setting. We seek to provide you with informed insights that pave the way to broad regulatory compliance.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our industry experience has made us an authority in courtroom proceedings and depositions, where expert testimony is required to qualify actions and statements. We’re your advocate for expert testimony.

Get in Touch

Terra Dynamics Incorporated is an expert in permitting assistance, primarily to Class I injection wells with extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations. Centrally located in Round Rock, TX, count on us to assist you in maintaining full regulatory compliance regardless of your facility location. Reach us today at 512-795-8183 for more information about regulatory affairs.