Our Mission

Terra Dynamics Incorporated (TDI) is an employee-owned environmental consulting company located in Austin, TX. TDI was founded in 1992 based on the simple business philosophy of making our customer’s jobs easier. We do this by providing high-quality service on a personalized basis at a competitive price.

Terra Dynamics Incorporated (TDI)


Our senior staff members have been working in the company since it was founded. You are assured of having highly experienced and long-term point-of-contacts that will ensure your project requirements are met.


Throughout the years, our members have consistently performed at a high level when it comes to their work. Our team of scientists, engineers, and business professionals continuously hones their skills and keeps up with the latest industry standards.


Our personalized consulting philosophy generates a degree of customer and project familiarity. This can save you time and money because before we start on another project, we make sure that yours is completed correctly and efficiently.


We realize that consulting services could be costly for you. Because of this, our team strives to constantly look for creative ways to meet your project objectives in a cost-effective manner.