Oil & Gas Consulting Services

TDI staff also possess a broad range of experience in oil and gas consulting. This experience includes drill rig / completion rig supervision, regulatory support, oil and gas property audits for environmental compliance and permit application preparation, Class II well design, Class II well evaluations for property transfer. TDI is experienced in regulatory affairs pertaining to Class II injection wells with extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations. State Permit Applications are prepared by TDI’s geologists and engineers, incorporating all requirements necessary under the Class II UIC regulations.

Following is a representative list of the oil and gas consulting services we provide:

  • Feasibility Studies and Well Siting Evaluations
  • Permit Application Support
  • Well Design and AFE Preparation
  • Drilling and Completion Plans
  • Forensic Remediation Investigations
  • Remediation Workover Plan and AFE Support
  • Producing Property Audits
  • Class II Injection Well Site Audit and Testing
  • Class II Injection Well Evaluation for Property Transfer